Stymie is an online literary magazine, founded in 2008, focused on sport (and games) in literature, be it through fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. 

We love to share stories that go beyond the courts and fields and checkerboard, ones centered around the people, personalities, and places that make our favorite past times worth doing, and doing well. We were ecstatic when we finally had a chance to publish an essay on 1986's Double Dribble for the NES. We miss Tecmo Bowl, though we believe Joe Montana's NFL had superior game play, and we believe in our heart of hearts that Wiffle Ball should be a professional sport.

At Stymie, we love literature, which in our opinion absolutely includes werewolves or zombies or fairy tales or lesser shenanigans so long as the writing is awesome (and not to overstate it, but in someway, even in the loosest of sense, around sport and/or games).

Nonfiction: work - personal essays, experiences with sport and games or facets of it, or other such things - of less than 3,000 words.

Fiction: work focused on sport and games and the people, personalities, and places that shape it; preferably clocking in between 1,000 and 3,000 words.

Flash Fiction: work focused on the sport and games and the people, personalities, and places that shape them; preferably clocking in at less than 1,000 words. Please submit individual selections as separate submissions. 

Poetry: work that crosses styles and encompasses a modern aesthetic as well as focusing on our thematic requirements (sport & literature) preferred. Please submit individual poems separately.

Stymie Magazine